Lisa Kleypas - The Devil in Winter

The Devil in Winter  - Lisa Kleypas

Colour me baffled. Why does everyone love this book?

At least finally we have a genuine rake here – meaning a total selfish, overbearing asshole. He is a rake alright. He is also a rake in need of money. And then we have a shy, stuttering, abused heroine who has grown up in a family that can be described as pathological. In a way it all makes sense, she would gravitate towards overbearing assholes, while he enjoys being one AND getting praise for being a little better than her fucked-up family.

So the shy, stuttering heroine (who slips in and out of her character throughout the whole book) approaches the vicious rake and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. She would share her inheritance if he promises to marry her and take her out of her messed-up domestic situation. So far, so good.

And then, inexplicably, England’s number one playboy falls in love with her. Why? Honestly, fuck knows, The book hardly makes it clear. It is finally his best friend who makes a guess that it is because the heroine is ‘so sweet and innocent’ (or something along those lines). I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Please spare me this virginal nonsense, I beg you. So he whored around for the better part of his life but now he wants to settle down with an innocent flower. He never knew love because how could he love those slutty women he banged. They were spoilt goods. But there is his virgin and he is gonna love her the best he knows how, meaning, by being a controlling, overbearing asshole. Ideally he would lock her up in a country house, where she could be ‘safe’, you know. How romantic!

Because there are men out there who take a rich heiress, drug her, try to rape her and force her to marry them. Oh wait, that’s the hero of this book in the previous instalment of this series. But he apologized in this novel, so it’s all good (even though he apologized the woman’s husband, not the woman herself, but that’s normal, as women belong to their husbands).