New Year, New Office

Our office moved and we started 2014 in an entirely new space.


I was initially worried, because as a rule I'm not comfortable with changes at first (and then I become over-excited). The pessimist in me thinks any change must always be for the worse. So I was worried about everything - I feared my commute would be worse, I would have less sunlight in the office, my desk would be small and all the other crazy little things that make up the office cubicle reality.


However, when finally, towards the end of Friday, all the furniture was assembled and the computers hooked up I decided it wasn't half bad. My new commute is actually very pleasant as well, now that I was able to ditch the meat-grinder of the Central Line.


Here is my new office corner (sadly not a corner office yet.)


Office Corner


Now I feel optimistic (and over-excited). I think 2014 will be a great year filled with happiness and craploads of fantastic books. And I wish you all the same!