Julia Quinn - Romancing Mr Bridgerton

Romancing Mr Bridgerton  - Julia Quinn

There is a perfect word to describe how I feel about Julia Quinn. It’s ‘meh’.  I don’t love her, I don’t hate her, I will read her, I will quickly forget her.


I’m not sure why that is because she is very popular and other people seem to find her books, and this particular one especially, amazing. But to me they are just too cute. Too sweet. I don’t want cute and sweet. I’m sure you’ve gathered that much from my reviews – I can tolerate cute and sweet only in really homoeopathic doses.


So what is Romancing Mr Bridgerton about? Well, she has loved him for ages, he barely notices her. Until he notices her and falls in love. And then they get married and live happily ever after. Also they make out in a carriage once which is something I have always wanted to do.


The most interesting part of this story was how Quinn handled the bruised ego of the hero which was bruised on the account of his beloved being more successful than him (and what’s worse - in the same field!). This, I feel, needs to be addressed more often in romance novels. Is it unsexy for the hero to be less successful than the heroine? Especially if they work in the same field? Would you want to read a romance novel where a hero takes in his stride that he would never be as good of a scientist/doctor/writer as the heroine? How about real life? Personally, I prefer not to date another fiction writer just in case. Bruised male egos is something I have very little time for.