Sherry Thomas - The Luckiest Lady in London

The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas delivers as usual. No surprises there.


Felix, our hero, had an unpleasant childhood, but rather than turning into a rake, like most of other bodice ripper heroes, he decides to do the opposite and become the Ideal Gentleman. Just perfect and suave and completely devoid of any emotions. If you look at it closely, you will realise it’s the most perverse concept. Felix betrays many psychopathic tendencies and normally I would warn Louisa not to get involved with anyone like that (even if Louisa herself needs to resort to manipulative tactics, so you could say they deserve each other), but as it is a romance novel, any damage to personalities can be undone.


Both Felix and Louisa had very clear and prudent life plans until they somehow got involved with each other and proceeded to ruin themselves. Thomas, being Thomas makes her characters go through a bit of hell first - there is angst and the hero and heroine punishing each other most cruelly. But all is well that ends well.