Elvira Navarro - La Ciudad En Invierno

La ciudad en invierno - Elvira Navarro

So beautifully disturbing, so disturbingly beautiful.  


A wisp of a book, but don’t be fooled. Most writers can’t do on 400 pages when Navarro did on mere 120. Essentially it’s a study of childhood and adolescence of a girl told in four vignettes. There is passive aggression, unacknowledged sexuality that gets out of control, cruelty, provocation. All of those things little girls hide under their freckles and pig-tails brilliantly told. Not recommended for fathers with young daughters. It’s the Anti-Lolita, a more realistic story of a girl who has the tools but doesn’t know how to use them yet.


I would have loved to read something like that when I was 12. Maybe I would have made some sense of this awkward experience of being a young girl.


I feel I should re-read this book because my less than perfect Spanish might have made miss some things, but even this, possibly limited, experience was worth five fat stars.


This book has not been translated to English but her other one ‘Happy City’ was, so go grab it!