Eliza Lloyd - The Timeless Earl

The Timeless Earl - Eliza Lloyd

The premise of this short story is rather peculiar. The hero, Lord Melvern, is a time-traveller who is very happy to be devoting his life to science, until one day his future son arrives to tell him to go back to his actual time, have sex with a certain Millicent Hargrove, so that he (the son) could be born.


The author is, of course, fully aware how triply paradoxical this premise is, but as the story is only 20-odd pages she doesn’t have the time to dwell on it or there would be not enough space left for the sexy bits. And honestly, as far as the premises of romantic novels go, this one is not the most far-fetched. There have been crazier reasons for hero having to seduce the heroine in just one night.


It’s hard to know from this short piece of writing whether Eliza Lloyd is any good at creating strong characters and creating good chemistry and tension between them. It’s just too short. Also the sex scenes didn’t do that much for me, because I didn’t have any emotional connection with the characters and I’m the kind that needs to wined and dined first (funnily enough, no such qualms in real life).


What I did learn from this book, though, is that Eliza Lloyd is a very skilled writer, she is eloquent, well-read and there was a lot of ‘I see what you did here’ moments, which is more than enough for me to keep the author on my radar and check out her other, full length books.