"Mass-houses, churches, mixt together;

Streets unpleasant in all weather.

The church, the four courts, and hell contiguous;

Castle, College green, and custom-house gibbous.


Few things here are to tempt ye:

Tawdry outsides, pockets empty:

Five theatres, little trade, and jobbing arts,

Brandy, and snuff-shops, post-chaises, and carts.


Warrants, bailiffs, bills unpaid;

Masters of their servants afraid;

Rogues that daily rob and cut men;

Patriots, gamesters, and footmen.


Lawyers, Revenue-officers, priests, physicians;

Beggars of all ranks, age and conditions,

Worth scarce shews itself upon the ground;

Villainy both with applause and profit crown’d.


Women lazy, drunken, loose;

Men in labour slow, of wine profuse:

Many a scheme that the public must rue it:

This is Dublin, if you knew it."


Greetings from Dublin - the loveliest place I've ever been to. I think I will move here come spring. 

Meanwhile there will be no new reviews until next week. I'm in love.