Favourite Literary Podcasts

Last week I was down with a horrible flu. I lay in bed for days and couldn't even read really.


I wanted to be read to instead because listening uses less brain power and I had very little of it to spare. This flu experience, while of course dreadful, had one positive effect, that is to remind me to check on my favourite literary podcasts and now that I'm well again I can share them with you. There are only two actually.


The first is The New Yorker Book Podcast called Page-Turner, where a famous writer reads a story by another famous writer and tells us why they chose that story and what is so special about it. It's a great to discover some forgotten writers and also learn what makes some the famous writers tick. The last episode which I listened to features Jonatham Lethem (who has a very soothing voice, let me tell you) reading V.S. Pritchett - a writer I'd never heard of before but now, of course, I have his Complete Collected Stories added to my never-ending to-read pile.


Find Page-Turner here: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/books/podcast/


The other podcast is called 'Selected Shorts' and is produced by PRI (http://www.pri.org/). In this one we have famous people reading storie in front an audience. All of it is recorded live and then delivered to your podcast player. There is less of a commentary afterwards (compared to the New Yorker) but the stories are very entertaining and each episode has a 'theme'. Unlike Page Turner, which is updated monthly, this is updated weekly, but sadly only the last five episodes are available (I think? Maybe I'm missing something?). Here they are : http://www.selectedshorts.org


Have you got any favourite literary podcasts with short stories, reviews or book discussion? Maybe even video podcasts or youtube channels? I would love some recommendations for all literary audio or video in English, Polish or Spanish.


Also, before I go, I'd like to mention one more thing, which is totally off-topic, but it's my party, I can be as off-topic as I want. I have recently (that is today) discovered a good website to buy books which is NOT owned by Amazon. They have a good selection and they are reasonably priced and what's more important they deliver worldwide for free, so they are basically like Book Depository, but not owned by Amazon (yet anyway, because I'm waiting for Amazon to announce that together with Google they have just bought the internet and we all come with package). Anyway, here is the address: https://wordery.com/


I'll come clean and say that I found them thanks to a post on booklikes by a Bulgarian girl, and I'm afraid, because I was checking booklikes sneakily while at work, I can't for the life of me find her now. Hey, if you are reading this, come forward and take the credit. :-)


PS. Aren't New Yorker covers the most beautiful things in the world? I'd like to have every issue of New Yorker at home so that I can just look at them and roll around in them. And maybe even read them, too.