Sherry Thomas - Ravishing the Heiress

Ravishing the Heiress - Sherry Thomas

Have you ever seen a dog or a cat woken from general anaesthesia? It’s walking around all dazed, bumping against the walls. That’s me after reading Sherry Thomas. She is the best romance writer in the history of the universe. I had read very few romances until I found Sherry Thomas, and since I found her I’ve just been trying to find another one but every other historical romance is no more than an echo of what Sherry Thomas can do. If I could live in a book, I’d love to be the heroine of one of Sherry Thomas’ books. 

When I take her book, I don’t even need to read the blurb, I don’t care what the premise is, because no matter what it is, I know she is going to pull it off. I have read four of her books so far (and two of them I have already reread), so that means I only have three left and I wonder whether I should keep saving them for special occasions as I have been doing so far or just binge on them here and now. I just can’t bear to imagine a world in which I have no more Sherry Thomas’ books left to read. I know she is now finishing some historical/fantasy YA novel, so that’s probably going to be great, although I worry she will have to keep the sex to the minimum, it being a YA thing. Is this true? I haven’t read many YA things, so I don’t know how they deal with sex scenes.

Also I have just learn that sometime this year there will be another historical romance, so I’m fangirling all over the place now.

Let’s vote, people. Do I read all of Sherry Thomas here and now, and then just mourn or do I torture myself by rationing it like meat in communist Poland?

Anyway, so what’s Ravishing the Heiress about? I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. She is rich, he has the title. They get married because it makes sense, and frankly he has little choice and a lot of debt he has inherited. He really loves some Isabelle girl but hey, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. The heiress, to her own dismay, falls in love with her new husband right away and is pining for him for the next eight years but pretends she isn’t. They marry young and agree to lead separate bedroom lives. Isabelle reappears. Drama, drama, drama, angst, angst. The question of producing an heir arises. All hell breaks loose inside the heroine’s heart. 

Gosh, it was so beautiful. Sherry Thomas fills out the pages so masterfully, with all those little things that make you see the characters and know them deeply, so that by the end of it you know exactly why they have no choice but to love each other desperately. Thomas doesn’t have to give you an epilogue to show you that the characters are living happily ever after years later. You just know they will, there is no other way.