Meredith Duran - The Duke of Shadows

The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran

Meredith Duran and I are just not meant to be. While she seems to be a skilled writer, I never know what her characters are on about. I liked the Duke of Shadows slightly better than the other one by her that I’ve read but still I think Ms Duran and I will just have to start seeing other people. It’s not her, it’s me.

First of all, I read romance novels for escapism. I do like some historical context and background in them but when Duran decides on Indian Rebellion of 1857 and consequently provides more gory violence scenes than sexy scenes (and as I said, she is a good writer, so those scenes are damned well written), that’s a bit of a mood killer for me. How can I honestly care that they are making sweet, sweet love when other people are getting their heads blown off just a page away?
But at least that part was exciting and fast paced.

Then we go to the second part which happens years later in London, the hero and heroine meet again but they can’t be together because what? I don’t know. I found all that prolonged drama of yes-no-yes-no-yes from the second part inauthentic and it exasperated me. It was exactly the same problem I had with the other book by her ‘Bound by Your Touch’ (I think it was called but don’t quote me on it). I just don’t know what the characters’ problems are, except for being stubbornly daft. Although I’m very happy to accept it is because of some emotional shortcomings on my part because other people seem to be quite taken with Duran’s stories. Me, I will stick to Sherry Thomas. We understand each other. And Cecilia Grant, and Guhrke. That I get.