Jessica Andersen - Ricochet

Ricochet - Jessica Andersen

This woman amazes me. A psychopath is trying to kill her at least four times a day and all she can think of is sex?

If the world around you is about to explode, so that you have to hide yourself and your partner in a fireproof cabinet to survive, you think: ‘God, I don’t want to die’ and not ‘Damn, he’s got great abs.’ No wonder she is a bad policewoman, not only couldn’t she catch the killer, but she also needed constant saving. 

Luckily Detective Tucker McDermott developed some bizarre obsession over her, so he always kept tabs on her, constantly checking whether she needed saving. It wasn’t love, of course. He was not interested in love. No commitment is better than commitment. Oh, silly, silly man. Doesn’t he know you can run away from a serial killer but you can never ever run away from true love?

Although I'd be wary, because as Sandra Bullock says in Speed 2 to explain the absence of Keanu Reeves:"Relationships based on extreme circumstances never work out."