Katherine Webb - The Legacy

The Legacy - Katherine Webb
Two stories for the price of one!
Historical romance and contemporary romance – all in one book!
Not one but TWO secrets!
Gypsies, Indians, cowboys, aristocrats!
Dead husbands! Missing children!
Wild West! Old English Manor!
And whatever else you can conjure up – all in this i one book about generations of women who like nothing better than to sweep things under the rug and sit on it staring into the space, as if nothing happened. Also, a warning tale – sweep things under the rug, you go mad, just as it happened to Beth. Her sister, Erica, finally decides she's had enough of secrets and vows to go to the bottom of it all.

You can't help but cheer her on, because there is nothing more frustrating than people refusing to talk about certain things (that and food stuck between your teeth). The pages turn quickly as you follow Erica as she uncovers the legacy of secrets. Things get hot and exciting and you do wish fervently that Erica will get the guy in the end for all her trouble.