Delilah S. Dawson - Wicked As They Come

Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson

Thou shalt not steal. No, seriously, thou shalt not. Just look at Tish Everett, she was just minding her own business, visiting her dying grandmother, moaning over and over about the break up with her control freak of a boyfriend and then one day she somewhat accidently steals a locket from an old house and before she knows it, she is transported to some phantasmagoric land where she is forced to join the troupe of a grotesque paranormal circus to avoid being eaten by vampire bunnies. Yes, vampire bunnies – in the book called ‘bludbunnies’. This is the awesomest. 

I would say that this whacked out world of Sang is the strongest element of the book. Dawson really knows how to transport her reader to some alternate reality and I’m even (almost) willing to overlook certain inconsistencies, like that she created an impossible ecosystem. See, in Sang there are pretty much no normal animals left in the wild. All of them have been turned into blood-sucking predators. That’s Ecology 101 – you can’t have an ecosystem with predators only. It’s said in the book that generally those vampire creatures won’t eat another vampire creatures, just like carnivores would generally not eat other carnivores. Unless, of course, there is nothing else to eat. Ok, so let’s say that vampire deer eat vampire foxes that eat vampire bunnies. What do vampire bunnies eat? They might get lucky occasionally, but there is apparently so many of them everywhere. What do they eat? Surely, there is not enough blood around for them to survive, which should cause the bludfoxes to die and then the deer, etc. Ok, never mind.

Now, the romance. First of all, Criminy Stain, our hero, is introduced as a ‘naughty Mr Darcy’ and I honestly didn’t get that vibe from him. I mean, a naughty Mr Darcy would’ve been great, but he just wasn’t one. Ok, he did kill a horse with his bare hands and ate it, but as far as our heroine goes he has always been sweet as sugar and professing his undying love from day one. For the record, that’s not cute and sexy, it’s creepy. Luckily, Tish agrees with me on that and dismisses it.

“I told him my own story, from locket to fainting. But I left out the part about how I was supposed to be Crminy’s magic mail-order bride.”

Yeah, Criminy charmed that locket to bring him the love of his life. Dude, that’s just weird, stop it.

Generally, the love story wasn’t all that bad, but I would’ve liked a lot more push and pull. I would like Criminy to really be as ‘wicked as they come’, but he isn’t; eating a horse just doesn’t cut it anymore. I would like his love to grow at some sort of more realistic pace. But the sex scenes are good. Especially the one after Criminy ate a horse. It really turned Tish on.

I gave this review to my sister to read and she said: Great review. So… did you like this book or not? In case you’re also confused. Yes, I liked it. Come on, it has bludbunnies!