Rhodes, Lindos and Bookshop-cum-Laundry Room

Missed me?
I went over to Rhodes to get a tan because London is completely rubbish when it comes to tans.

I swam in the sea, I read, swam some more, read some more and all that while working on my tan. Out of about fifteen people doing the same around the swimming pool at any given time, at least five were reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. And I wish I were exaggerating for a better effect but these are the actual statistics. There were plenty of discarded copies around so I picked up one to see if it is as bad as I thought it was. And in fact, it is even worse. It is dreadful. And that comes from a person who would happily read things called 'Rake with a Frozen Heart'. I managed two chapters of 'Fifty Shades of Shit' and I stopped because I couldn't care less about that ridiculous storyline and the writing reminded me of pulling a sledge over concrete. It makes me sad. It really does, so I won't be reviewing it (for now at least). I will be reviewing many other books which I have read on my trip.

While in Rhodes we went a on a trip to Lindos, a beautiful little village founded in the 10th century BC. For a few hundred years it was the mort important settlement on the island until Rodos, the new kid in town, took over. Lindos is an ideal sightseeing place. You can go through thousands of years in a couple of hours. There is Acropolis, a citadel, parts of which date back to 300 BC and then a short walk away there is the 'modern' part of Lindos, full of houses which survived from the 15th century. Right now the centre of the village is closed for cars (except for the funny tiny delivery vans) and the official means of transportation is a donkey.

 As I was walking around the village I came across this:


It's a bookshop and a laundry room in one. The owner was sitting right in the middle of it amongst the dirty laundry and used books and answered all my questions regarding her business model.
Maybe I will open something similar in London... After all, they do say that bookshops need to branch out if they want to survive.