SongPop, Wilson Bethel and other things to do on a weekend

Hello my imaginary readers,
I bet you have been wondering where I was and why I wasn't writing. The truth is that I haven't been writing because I haven't been reading. I did finish The Deptford Trilogy which was 850 pages of pure awesome but, as it often is with books that completely blew your mind, I find it hard to write a coherent review or anything other than 'OMG, OMG, awesome, awesome'.

Right now I am reading a 19th century classic by Edwin Abbott Abbott called 'Flatland', which is about a land of only two dimensions. The book is only a little over a hundred pages long but God knows how much opium went into creating it, so I have been reading it for over a week now.

I am also making little progress with my own novel. I am writing about Christmas, so I suppose I am waiting for actual Christmas to arrive so I can get in the mood. Yes, that's me. The Queen of Procrastination.

Now, let me tell you what I have actually been doing. Two weekends ago I discovered this facebook game called Song pop.  And I promise you I had never played a single facebook game. I had absolutely no interest in virtual farming or anything else of that sort. But this is about guessing songs! I am good at guessing songs. Yes, so that was my weekend 7-8 of July. It turns out I can beat just about everyone at classic rap. Except for some weird dude Mark C but I think he was cheating. How the hell can you recognize every Public Enemy song in less than a second? It also turned out that I am bizarrely good at modern country, which is a little scary. I am not quite sure how I acquired that knowledge.

Last weekend I promised myself to be good and productive; read, write, go swimming, go running, make healthy salads, clean the kitchen. Alas, my dear friend told me I should watch that MTV Show Awkward. So I ordered a pizza and watched one episode. And then the remaining fourteen episodes. On Saturday I woke up and said to myself: That's it. I will have a shower, I will go for a run in the park. But it was raining, so I thought, it won't hurt anyone if I watch one episode of something. There was a hole in my soul that only American TV could fill. I started watching Suburgatory, and then 2 Broke Girls, but it didn't feel quite right, so I went back to my dear friend and told her - I need you to give me a show where there is one girl and two guys and one is nice and the other one has nice abs. And she said: you need to watch Hart of Dixie.

I will admit I was wary at first but ten forty minute episodes later I knew I wasn't going to sleep, eat or have a shower until Zoe and Wade have sex, which if you don't mind spoilers, happens in the very last freaking episode (of course!). In the process I also developed a crush on Wilson Bethel who plays that Wade guy and it turns out he hails from New Hampshire, the very state I sent myself for a year in some misguided act of rebellion when I was 17-18. So that's obviously a sign. It also means that my crush on Bradley Cooper is well over now. Sorry, Bradley, it's been great three weeks but I think I should start seeing other celebrities now.

Oh, and you know a strange thing? I don't actually have a TV. That whole weekend was just an aberration.

I promise I am going back to reading now, although I do think I should do the Barcelona Triathlon first.