Books, books, my little books

Sometimes I must imagine myself as some sort lone superhero bent on singlehandedly saving the publishing and book-selling industry. I probably buy enough books to be diagnosed with some mental disorder, but – let me sing now – “if there’s cure for this, I don’t want it, I don’t need it…”
Recently the Book People personally tweeted me to tell me their Orange Prize shortlist set is now available and at only 20 pounds. Twenty pounds for six new books is an amazing deal, even considering I already had ‘Half Blood Blues’ because I had bought their Booker Prize set. As the Book People give you a free delivery if you order over 25 pounds I thought it would only make sense to throw some more into my basket. Therefore I added a set of three books by Christopher Isherwood for 4.99 because my sister read ‘The Single Man’ and thought it was really good. Now, just one penny away from my free delivery I decided to add another set of three books for 4.99, this time by Ismail Kadare. Who is Ismail Kadare? Well, I really haven’t got a clue. But the covers looked nice. (I really don't know why this photo is on the side, the file is normal on my computer)
Sometimes I wish the Book People had more literary fiction sets but then I am happy they don’t. I still need some money to pay for food, bill and such and some space in my room sleep etc.
Of course this shopping spree was not enough and I also had to go to my favourite second-hand bookshop. I left there only 6.50 and brought home all these goodies. 
Kingsley Amis because a long time ago I read “You Can’t Do Both” and I really liked it. It’s time to read some more by Amis Sr.
‘The Extinction Club’ by Robert Twigger is the obligatory obscure buy. I am trying to find my next favourite book that no one has heard of.
Willa Cather is one of those names that I keep seeing on the internets. Now, that I have the book I will eventually get to read it and it will all make sense.
On the cover of his book Francisco Goldman was compared to Flaubert, Garcia Marquez and DeLillo. Those are some serious accolades, so let’s see if he lives up to them. Also, I would recommend it toNicci Gerrard, as it takes place in Guatemala.
‘Tribes With Flags’ by Charles Glass is his account of the ordeal he went through when kidnapped and held hostage in Lebanon in the 80s. It’s funny I came across this book, because just on Wednesday I went to see Frank McGuinness’s play ‘Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ based on those very same events. The play is amazing, so if you’re in London, go, go go ! It’s on until the 12thof May in Southwark Playhouse.
‘The 19th Wife’ I have a feeling will be very ‘bestseller’ silly but at 50p for a trade paperback you can’t really complain, can you?
And last but not least is John Gimlette’s travel book about Paraguay. I didn’t realise until I got home that it is actually a proof copy (gasp! You are NOT supposed to sell these!) so it has no illustrations, which is a shame. However, if I read it and like it, I will buy a normal copy. You know I will because I am insane.
Just when I thought I was done with book buying, I remember I also had to buy ‘Morality Play’ by Barry Unsworth because it is my book club next choice.  And it better be good because I read something else by Unsworth and was not exactly impressed.
And this concludes my book buying for the month of May. I promise!
I don’t even know when I might get round to reading all these books. I have about 300 unread books at home. It’s a little library! But then, it will come in very handy if I ever find myself under house arrest, non?