Catherine Anderson - Cherish

Cherish - Catherine Anderson

I had enough of regency romances and decided to go and get me some cowboy love instead.
This is the layout: a god-fearing Quaker woman, a handsome, quarter Apache gun-slinging cowboy, some bad guys, a dog, and a pile of money.

Rebecca (the Quaker) goes through some interesting shifts in her outlook on life. She starts off trusting God to save her and protect her, then, when that obviously doesn't happen and her whole family gets raped and murdered, she transfers her affections onto her cowboy, who from then on is trusted to save her and protect forever and always. Finally, though, she thinks: "Oh, to hell with it, give me the gun". And thank God for that, because if she was going to go into one more shock catatonic state, mumbling 'save me, save me', I would have to ask someone with a gun to put the girl out of her misery. She was basically unconscious for 20% of the book. 

It's an ok book if you are into girly porn with cowboys in it, although be warned, there is only one sex scene in it (a very long one, however) and you have to read the whole damned book to get to it.

And with this book we conclude the girly porn series for a while. As I said, I was going through a difficult time, but I have recovered now. There will only be serious literature here from now. Howgh!