Cecilia Grant - A Lady Awakened

A Lady Awakened - Cecilia Grant

Ok, I am going through a difficult time right now, so please excuse this ridiculous number of romance novels that seem to be appearing here. Just bear with me, I will be over it soon.

Here is the wonderful premise of 'A Lady Awakened': A recently widowed Martha Russell will lose her estate and her much valued independence unless she proves she is carrying an heir to her late husband. Only she isn’t. Therefore she needs to get pregnant fast. 

Enter Theo Mirkwood, an exiled good-for-nothing playboy. Martha decides to strike a deal with him - he is going to fornicate with her every day for a month and she is going to pay him a certain amount of money. It seems like the book will just be a long list of sex scenes, but there wouldn’t be a story if it wasn’t for the fact that Martha is as prim, proper and uptight as they get. Theo tries all sorts of tricks on her but she just lays there like a piece of wood with her eyes closed thinking of England. 

The romance and even physical attraction take forever to develop. To the readers who like to have sparks flying from page one, I’d like to dedicate this: 

Slowly and surely, Martha makes Theo grow the fuck up and Theo makes Martha loosen up a little. Finally the Lady awakens and it all culminates in one of the hottest sex scenes I have read in a romance novel. I shit you not. I intend to send my boyfriend a copy of those few pages asking him if he is interested in historical reenactments. 

Yeah, I think in general this book was psychologically almost realistic and historically almost accurate. It would’ve got five stars from me (very rare for a romance novel) and become my ultimate Regency Romance if it wasn’t for the awful head hopping every half a paragraph. But after all it was Cecilia Grant’s debut, so I am going to cut her some slack here. As far as girly porn goes, I am expecting great things from this woman. 

Also, see that hair on the book cover? I want that hair. Oh, and that dress, too. 
Ok, I am done here. Over and out.