Meredith Duran - Bound By Your Touch

Bound by Your Touch - Meredith Duran

Girly porn time!! 

I was slightly disappointed with this one. It didn't do what I wanted it to do. 

And Mariel gave it 4 stars, and she is like my Bible, so I thought I couldn't go wrong. 

Anyway, it started off nicely. The premise was almost realistic and the characters acted almost like normal people. We had a bookish, no nonsense heroine who still does like a good shag (well, that's totally me), and this libertine, self-destructive hero who is not a complete idiot (just has issues with his father). I could buy that. Guys like that do exist. I have met many handsome, intelligent men who for this reason or another decide to drink themselves into stupidity and cause a scandal everywhere they go. 

So you know, the chemistry is good. The sex scenes are fine. Everything is rolling nicely, and then the last 20% of the book (yes, reading that on Kindle, God forbid someone saw me with that sort of book in public!) just becomes incomprehensible. 

The characters seem to have some issues. I think they love each other, but love isn't enough (?), there is some stuff about respect, loyalty, and faith, and he needs to prove something to her but I am not sure why. And earlier he wouldn't help her because he loved her.. or something. I don't know. It all gets very complicated, the narrator goes on for good 20 pages explaining all these emotional nuances and I am like : "huh? I am sorry, you lost me. So what's the bottom line? Do they love each other or not? Can we just have some sex scene and wrap it up?" 

I suppose this is what some men mean when they say they don't 'get' women. Although, I don't get that either and I do know many guys (sadly, even dated some) who seemed to be versed in this sort of emotional logic and they happily explained to me my own feelings which I wasn't aware of. 

To summarize, the book started off well and then landed flat on its tits. What a shame.