Poppy Adams - The Behaviour of Moths

The Behaviour of Moths - Poppy Adams

Two sisters meet again after years of estrangement. The air is heavy with resentment and grudges. We learn the story from Ginny the narrator. We hope to get the unbiased account of events because Ginny is supposed to be the reasonable and sensible one, the scientist. Sometimes later we, of course, realise she is a completely unreliable narrator, but as is often in such cases, we can't help but see logic in her reasoning (that bit always worries me, just how far am I from becoming mad myself?). 

Other reviewers complained they got too many moths and not enough answers. I didn't mind so much. I used to be very much into animals (and that included insect and their Latin names), so it was like reading one of those books I used to read when I was a kid. As for answers, Ginny couldn't give us any answers because she wasn't looking for them. She didn't know there were any questions, as far as she was concerned, things were the way she believed they were.

It brings us to the bigger question of what The Truth really is and why the hell we would need it anyway. 

It was a very disturbing story but beautiful nonetheless. Read it.

Note: This was published in the US under a very uninspired title: The Sister