Douglas Smith - By Her Hand She Draws You In

By Her Hand, She Draws You Down - Douglas Smith

Ekhm, so this is 2nd installment of my self-published project.

This is a very tiny horror story about killing people by drawing them. The idea is interesting, the pun in the title is intriguing, the execution is poor, poor. The writing is full cheesy haiku like this:
'A tear ran down his cheek, but he kept drawing.
He had to. He was hungry.'

You can get this story for free on your Kindle. As a bonus you will receive a list of all the awards Douglas Smith received for his speculative fiction (which makes me slightly worried about the state of speculative fiction) and the author's Afterword where he explains what his story was about (in case you didn't get it). You can also read snippets of his other stories, if you find yourself, er, hungry for more.

I thought it was very cute how Douglas Smith gave all his stories 5 stars on goodreads, but to books like 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' he gave only three. 
If YOU don't believe in yourself, then who will, eh?

Well done.