Jenny Eclair - Camberwell Beauty

Camberwell Beauty - Jenny Eclair

First of all, this is not a novel. This is a rant. Everyone in this book hates everyone and everything. Even the third person narrator hates everything they are describing. You can tell. The leitmotif of this book seems to be farting - not exactly something you would expect from chick-lit, but, hey, we live in the 21st century. The reason I wanted to read it was Camberwell. I live in Camberwell and you don't find a lot of literature using this borough as setting, it is not Notting Hill after all. Unfortunately I didn't find any Camberwell in the book (apart from ocassional mentioning of streets and bus numbers) or beauty for that matter. It was supposed to be 2 stars but I updgraded it to three stars because the storyline was carried out interestingly and kept me hooked.