Amanda Smyth - Black Rock

Black Rock - Amanda Smyth

Published in America under the title: "Lime Tree Can't Bear Orange" - because this is exactly the kind of quirky title publishers love these days. I also use American cover for the post becuse I think it is prettier.

The book itself is full of drama. It reads like a Brazilian soap opera.
I quite liked it even if I knew exactly where it was going around the page 120. This is your typical story about women with its usual themes of love, betrayal, pregnancy, motherhood.
What I liked most about the book is probably the setting which is Trinidad and Tobago. It was written in the first person in a rather simple style but the descriptions were captivating.
It definitely calls for a sequel.
 (My friend who knows the author tells me there won't be)

Guardian said: "
There are hints of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea throughout Smyth's hypnotic, eerie novel." While I can't agree with this, I think it's still an enjoyable, Oprah-style read.
Poor man's version of Alice Walker and I mean in the most complimentary way possible.

Here is the UK cover: