Ann Packer - Songs Without Words

Songs Without Words - Ann Packer, Cassandra Campbell

I went from strongly disliking this book to liking it and to eventually becoming indifferent.

It was purposedly plotless and sometimes it worked but others times it didn't. First hundred pages got me wondering - will anything ever happen? As it turned out the first half of the book was building up to the book's only event and the rest of it was just the aftermath.

It was a very meticulous study of how people come close, fall apart, come close again.

I was impressed with certain paragraphs but there were also those that struck me as extremely cheesy and romance novels-like. The descriptions of people's eye and hair colours made me gag a little. The narration was done in the 3rd person but there were constant changes of points of view. Some of them executed rather clumsily which made me think: "Oh, we're in his head now?". That was some really badly done head-hopping.

It is essentially a story about friendship between two women and how complicated such things can be. However, I was more interested in the story that was used as a catalyst.

I recommend "Songs Without Words" to anyone who is interested in reading a profound analysis of sadness and descriptions of various people eating breakfast.