Catherine Storr - Marianne Dreams

Marianne Dreams - Catherine Storr

I wrote this review back in January 2010 when I read the new edition of Marianne Dreams with this beautiful cover.

A Children's book was exactly what the doctor ordered for this gloomy never ending winter. This book is a fabulous old-school kind of children's book with its old-fashioned vocabulary that makes it all more enojayble. It takes you back to the time when life was fresh and exciting. Now when we are old, the novelty of life has worn off, we have to go to work, buy groceries and pay the rent and we have to be reminded sometimes how exciting life really is.

Children's books do it for me.
This one really took me away and during the 40 minute tube ride I completely forgot I was actually going to work.

It tells a story of a little girl who confined to bed for weeks amuses herself with drawing. As it turns out the pencil she has been using is not just an ordinary pencil but the kind that makes her drawings come to life later on at night when she is dreaming. The story is very atmospheric and quite spooky, the borders between reality and dreams become quite blurry and I have to admit I was tiny bit frightened when I read it late at night in my bed.

All in all it was a "jolly good book" to read when it is so "beastly" outside.