Jonathan Raban - Surveillance

Surveillance: A Novel - Jonathan Raban

I have been putting off writing this review while trying to figure out whether I actually liked this book or not. I am still undecided and haven't reached a conclusion.

This, by the way, seems to me to be the main focus of this book. As other post 9/11 books it deals with surveillnce, the limits of freedom, the 21st century habit of everyone spying on everyone, but the most original issue this book touches is the impossibility to reach conclusions. We have so much information that, ironically, we can't get to the bottom of things because they are too complex to be just black or white.

All the characters of "Surveillance" show a whole spectrum of attitudes but Lucy seems to be the only one that got it right: she admits she doesn't know, she is somewhat in the middle. The book potrayed its theme very well, however that meant it was also boring and unconclusive. So even though the idea was good, readers will still want some wrapping up.