Jenny Eclair - Having a Lovely Time

Having a Lovely Time - Jenny Eclair

What is it with Jenny Eclair and farting? I mean, seriously! Is she really a 13 year old boy? Why does farting have to be the main theme of all her books, closely followed by puking, burping and diarrhea?
I understand that she wants to show things as they are, brutal reality, but I swear, in my world (thank God) people do not fart that often.

Well, at least not everyone was fat in this book (unlike in 'Camberwell Beauty').

Other than that it was a quick and enjoyable read. This is not Nobel prize material or even Booker Prize, it is just more crude chick lit. There is love, love affairs, pregnancy, motherhood, husbands and divorce and everything else you expect from that kind of book.
But Jenny Eclair knows how to set the pace like no one else and has a knack for endings with a bang. Actually she should probably write thrillers.