21 Best Sites About Reading and Writing

I am in a very benevolent mood today and I decided to share with all four of my readers my favourite websites related to reading and writing

1) Goodreads - I live on this page and that's no joke. If I could marry this page, I would. It satisfies all my needs. I have all my books there and I have all my friends there. And my obsessive-compulsive disorder feels at home there as well; all the lists, tags and all the data... very soothing.

2) Daily Writing Tips - It does exactly what it says on the tin. Excellent tips on how to create your characters and where to put commas. Also serves as a daily dose of motivation (especially if you signed up to their newsletter).

3) Vocabulary.com - this is a little bit more than a dictionary, with its tests and challenges it will help you learn and master new words. The auxiliary definitions might sometimes be juvenile but at least they are hard to forget.

4) Macmillan Dictionary - again a little more than a dictionary. Not only does the page look beautiful, but when you look up a word you don't have to look up the definition as well because you didn't understand a word of it. The definitions are clear and straight forward but without sacrificing the nuances of meanings. This site has also many interactive features.

5) The Bookseller - for all your publishing needs, whether you work in publishing, want to work in publishing or just love publishing without any ulterior financial motive.

6) Edelweiss - have you ever yearned for a list of all the books being published and their publication dates, so you know EXACTLY what is out there and you won't miss anything...? If so, here comes Edelweiss to give you all that you have been looking for. The downside is, that once you realise just how many books are published every day and how small of a fraction of those books you are likely to read before you die, you might become slightly sombre. Edelweiss focuses on US market but I have a feeling they will embrace us in UK soon.

7) Aldaily - No human has time to go through all the magazines, newspapers and websites to find interesting things to read. No human except for humans at aldaily.com. And thanks to their efforts you have top quality selection of all that an intelligent and discriminating reader like you and me should read while they are pretending to work.

8) Books on the BBC - if you like BBC and you like books, you will love books on the BBC. This page gathers everything that there is to be had about books on BBC radio and TV. Documentaries, debates, events and film adaptations - all there. However, I am afraid you have to reside in UK to take full advantage of the site.

9) Talking Writing - online literary magazine about reading and writing with a different theme every month (N.B. this month's theme is self-publishing, topic that has become very hot recently, thanks to growing popularity of ereaders)

10) Slushpile Hell - comic relief. This website ran by a literary agent is a good guide of what NOT to do when sending you query to a literary agent (unless the only place you want to be published on is the above mentioned website)

11) Essential Writers - writing news and writing tips

12) Write Here Write Now - more writing tips and writing news with a slight focus on script writing

13) The Believer - magazine about literature unlike any other magazine about literature

14) Words Without Borders - a beautiful online magazine about international literature

15) Bookreporter - reports on books and focuses on popular literature

16) Literary Platform - where literature meets 21st century, slightly UK- biased (but hey, that's not a BAD thing)

17) The Paris Review - a must for every book snob. Paris Review has been setting standards since 1953. And don't worry, it is NOT in French

18) London Review of Books - LRB is an acquired taste but give it a go, you will learn to love it. With time.

19) The New York Review of Books - one of the reasons I want to live in New York

20) The New Yorker - The other reason I want to live in New York

21) Writinghood - Yet another site with creative writing advice (because you can never have too many

And that's all, folks.

In future I will publish a list of my favourite book blogs and my favourite twitter accounts. As soon as I winnow it down to some reasonable size.