Lalita Tademy - Cane River

Cane River - Lalita Tademy

I am always wary when it comes to books written by regular people who decided to discover their family history. They, more often than not, are of interest only to the authors and their relatives. And they are usually badly written.
Also, this was an "Oprah" book, so I was expecting lots of gooey 'women power' yadda-yadda.

I was pleasantly surprised. Wheares Ms Tademy might not win Nobel Prize for literature anytime soon, I don't feel I have wasted my time. She doesn't over-romantacise her heroines - something hard to avoid when you write about your ancestors, so she earned one star for that alone. The remaining three stars are for an interesting story and insight into life in Deep South during the slavery and post-Civil War era. The book seems extremely well researched so I trust my vision of that time is not distorted.