Small Bites

Heleen van Royen - Escape

This was supposed to be just a silly guilty pleasure book, but unexpectedly hit close to home. Not that I have ever abandoned my family, spent a night with twin dwarves or had mad sex sessions with a porn star. But still. I gave this book 4 stars for exceeding my expectations. Take it on holiday with you. Especially if you go to Portugal, and watch out for twin dwarves! 

Simon Mawer - The Glass Room

This book was bootleg. I was rather dispappointed. This was nominated? To what? Booker Prize?
Everything in it was just old recycled ideas. And the Glass Room metaphore got very old very quickly. I wanted to scream: Yes, we get it! Enough!
Don't you just love when the author assumes you're mentally handicapped?
But I threw one more star because of the character of Hana. She made that Nazi guy go down on her and then PAY her for it. My girl.

Anyway, as my friend says : "What would mediocre writers do without the Holocaust?"


Martyn Waites - The Mercy Seat

This is me leaving my comfort zone and reading a thriller/suspense/whatever it is called. I don't know much about the genre, and haven't read enough to be able review it properly but I thought it was ok. There were dead bodies, blood, chases, fights and a mysterious minidisc.
However, Mr Waites should leave love scenes to Danielle Steel. Really. Check this one for example:
"They looked at each other. Their eyes locked.
'Everything changes,' he said.
'Nothing stays the same,' Maria replied.
They kissed.
The Tyne made oily, feathery slaps alongside them. The stars above them were real."

The stars above them were real?? What the hell is that even supposed to mean??
And that dialogue? Everything changes, nothing stays the same - sounds like a password and a countersign, a cue to kiss. I might try it out on my next date.