Lauri Kubuitsile - In The Spirit of McPhineas Lata (Caine Prize 4/5)

Just when I thought I can't possibly take another story about child soldiers, sexual abuse, racism, murder, poverty and famine, here comes this little delight providing a much needed comic relief.

In "In the Spirit of McPhineas Lata" Kubuitsile succefully marries off an African folktale with Men's Health sex advice column, the result is of course pure comedy.

In a small village of Nokanyana a local Casanova, McPhineas Lata, dies leaving behind a gap hard to fill. The men of the village, instead of being relieved that the times of their wives' indelity have finally come to an end, are concerned that the job of satisfying their wives is now upon them.

So they set to work trying to discover what turns them on, they meet weekly in the local pub to discuss their progress. An important breakthrough is accomplished by a shy accountant who makes an accidental discovery:
"...not used to such high-energy activity, I was breathing hard right in her ear. Suddenly she picked up the remote and shut off the TV. As the week progressed, I added a few flicks of my tongue and kisses on her neck and I believe I'm on to something."
There is a lot to be said about gender conflict, the role of sex, the attitude towards adultery but I would be wary of reading too much into this story, we might inadvertently kill it in the process My favourite aspect of "In the Spiritof McPhineas Lata" was its very methodological approach towards sex. Graphs, bullet points, discussions - I am sure we all chuckled but if you think that was funny, let me quote something else for you:
  • 7 Weird Things That Turn Guys On
  • 20 Naughty Sex Dares
  • 15 Sex Tips and Tricks From Guys
  • 8 Water Sex Positions (illustrated!)
  • The ABCs of Sex - Your alphabetical guide to the sex of your dreams
  • Your Sex To-Do list - 5 experiences every couple needs to have
All on your newsstands this month!

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