Augustyn Baran - Głowa Wroga

There is little point of me writing this review in English as this book has not been translated and most likely it never will be. However, I am writing this in English rather than Polish for two reasons:
1) I believe book reviews are an independent art form. Therefore it's not important if the review reader can actually read the reviewed book or not.
2) Writing a review in Polish on this generally English blog would make even less sense and my scare off some of the readers.

Now to the book. I don't quite remember how I came into posession of it. Probably some second-hand bookshop. I make a point of buying a Polish book each time I go to Poland. To stay in touch with my roots and stuff. Unfortunately, Polish literature keeps disappointing. It invariably falls into one of the three categories:
1) the super sweet chick lit that is too sweet even for your usual Danielle Steel lovers
2) the never ending trauma about Jews and WWII
3) gloomy, dirty, ugly, vulgar and obscene books full of despair
'Głowa Wroga' (which means the Enemy's Head by the way) belongs to the third category. It's a collection of short stories connected by the their narrator - a little boy living in the countryside Poland during stalinism. In theory this should have worked. The stories had a nice bitter-sweet taste to them. However, what ruined the book for me was the ever present obscenity and vulgarity. It was all dicks, pussies and fucking. Every woman appearing in the book would have her pussy mentioned at some point. I understand that 12 year old boys tend to be slightly obsessed with the subject byt that doesn't explain why all the girls willingly opened their legs for the boys and let them finger them. I don't understand what the purpose of that was other than to scandalize and offend our poor prude Catholic society. Baran failed at that too though, because I don't think anyone apart from me read this book. Actually, it turned out that on the day I decided to read 'Głowa Wroga', the author of it died. Slightly creepy.