Geling Yan - The Lost Daughter of Happiness

The Lost Daughter Of Happiness - Geling Yan

I can't quite make up my mind about this book. It was either really good or really bad. The protagonist was either bland and boring or too complex and foreign for me to understand. And this second person narrative when the narrator/author is having a private conversation with the main character and I, as a reader, get no love. Was this a brilliant idea or was or was it a reckless experiment?
I admire Geling Yan for writing this book with bravado and making her heroine virtually mute. I can't say it worked for me all the way through but I give credit where credit is due. And it is the first time I feel that the second person narrative is at least partly justified. It emhpasized that our heroine is so elusive that even the narrator hasn't got a clue.
Other than that, it was the second book about Chinese prostitutes I have read. In this one they didn't quote Confucius so I was slightly disappointed.