Alexander Aaronsohn - With The Turks in Palestine

With the Turks in Palestine - Aaronsohn Alexander

I am making amazing progress with my Gutengberg Project Project. I am already at AAR. 

So this was a short piece by Alexander Aaronsohn about Israel back when it was called Palestine and was ruled by Turks. 

From this book we learn that the Jews are very good, the Christians are ok, the Arabs are bad, the Turks are even worse and the Americans are the best. 

We also learn : 

That it is good to have a horse because "in a land where a horse considerably more valuable than a wife, his ownership cast quite a glamour over me." 

Arabs don't need alcohol: "These dances lasted for hours, and as they progressed the men gradually worked themselves up into a frenzy. I never failed to wonder at these people, who, without the aid of alcohol, could reproduce the various stages of intoxication." 

Germans are Muslims: "The dominant figure of this movement in Palestine was, without doubt, the German Consul at Haifa, Leutweld von Hardegg. He traveled about the country, making speeches, and distributing pamphlets in Arabic, in which it was elaborately proved that Germans are not Christians, like the French or English, but that they are descendants of the Prophet Mohammed. Passages from the Koran were quoted, prophesying the coming of the Kaiser as the Savior of Islam." 

And various ways to corrupt Turk officials.