David Ward - Between Two Ends

Between Two Ends - David Ward

'Between Two Ends' relies on children's-book all time favourite premise of the characters being transported into the story they are reading. Nothing excites bookworm children more that the possibility of that happening. I should know - I was one.

Yeats (yes, there is a lot references to poetry in the book) ends up inside '1001 Arabian Nights'. I really wouldn't want to reveal more of the plot because the 'exposition' is done so brilliantly I wouldn't want to spoil it. It's better to enter the mysterious house of Gran the same way that Yeats enters it - knowing nothing except that something is definitely off.

This book has all the expected components of adventure children's books and all little (and not so little) fans of Inkheart or Neverending Story should be satisfied. 

I have found a few inconsistencies regarding the fantasy world created by the author and I wish the characters were a little more fleshed out. Let's just say, that Yeats has nothing on Harry Potter. 

But other than that, it's an enjoyable book, so order some Middle-Eastern nibbles, sit down comfortably and let yourself be transported.