Hans Aanrud - Lisbeth Longfrock

Lisbeth Longfrock - Hans Aanrud

I have bought a Kindle recently, which means I have no money anymore and I can't buy any books to read on it. Luckily, Gutenberg Project has a giant collection of free books published before 1923 (and made them all Kindleable). Thus, I did what any reasonable person would do - I decided to read them all in alphabetical order. 

Ok, I admit I skipped 'Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark' by Jens Aaberg and went straight to Hans Aanrud and his 'Lisbeth Longfrock'. 

It was a cute story about a little orphan - Lisbeth Longfrock living in the Norwegian country side. Not much happens, Lisbeth becomes a herder, meets Peter and Oli, loses one crazy goat who believes she is a cow (and later a horse)... But somehow it all was very enchanting and relaxing to read. This is what I call a 'feel good read'. Part coming of age, part bucolic, this little tale would've definitely gone to my heart when I was 11. I am not sure about kids today, though, they seem to have a shorter attention span.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the 'Gutenberg Project' Project in which I will be reading Radio Boys Cronies by S.F. Aaron & Wayne Whipple.