Moira Young - Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young

I couldn't put this book down, literally, I took it with me to the sauna – the glue melted and it fell apart slightly, then I took it to the jacuzzi where it got wet, and then it got squashed by my bike chain which I stuffed into my backpack. In short – it got quite of a beating, just like the heroine of the book Saba, who, while trying to rescue her twin brother, ended up cage fighting.

Saba lives in a post apocalyptic world and as it is usually the case with post apocalyptic worlds, it’s no bed of roses. It seems that the world has turned into a semi-desert, the humans reverted to the Middle Ages technologically. Additionally, almost everybody is hooked on some drug they all chew and it’s generally a rather unpleasant there.

Despite all that, it seems like a good place to live to me at least, because it appears that after the apocalypse girls will have adventures too, girls will be strong-willed and respected, and they will rescue boys when needed. Even the female sports – and martial arts to that (if we can call cage fighting that) will draw the audience in equally as their male counterpart. Now ain’t that something?

There is one sentence from this book that summarises everything perfectly – Saba’s attitude and as well as her approach to grammar and vocabulary.

"I ain’t afeared of nuthin."

Initially I was dreading a book narrated in this hick billy voice but Saba won me over in no time. She is the sort of hard kickass girl that I’d like to believe I am - not much into niceties and small talk, but fiercely loyal and brave. There, of course, is the background love story but it is not the horrible Twilight-like tale. There is no sighing, moping around and forgetting to breathe. In fact, the love story I was more interested in was the one between Saba and her younger sister Emmi. Maybe it’s because it hit close to home. After all, I am an older sister, too, and I suspect I wasn’t always very nice to my little sister, which now horrifies me because she is the sweetest, most stubborn, smart little thing. Just like Emmi.

I went ahead and ordered a second volume and the post lost it! I ordered another one and I hope it gets here before I go on my holidays, because this is just the sort of thing I want to be reading when I’m wandering around northern Poland with a backpack and a tent.