Jean M. Auel - The Valley Of Horses

The Valley of Horses (Earths Children, #2) - Jean M. Auel

Ayla’s adventures volume two.

The writing is as bad as it was in volume one (I detailed all the problems I had with it here: ) with the addition of hackneyed sex scenes. It makes me almost sad that generations of young girls had their introduction to porn literature through this crap. It’s enough to put you off of both, sex and reading.

You might wonder why I read the second volume when the first volume was so bad. It’s a good question and I’m not sure myself. I ordered it on amazon before I had the time to really think about it. I guess, my favourite parts in the first volume were the survival bits. I liked when Ayla was all alone and had to learn to manage on her own. And since the first volume ends with Ayla being kicked out of the Clan I knew there would be a lot of that there. Also I needed some closure, I needed Ayla to get some good caveman loving at last and I was told there would quite enough of that (whether it was good, however, remains debatable).

In the Valley Of Horses we have two parallel stories. In one we have Ayla who finds a cave, tames a horse, learns horse-riding, tames a cave lion, invents a laptop, basically kills time while waiting for some 350 pages for LL Cool Jondalar to arrive and give it her good.
In the other story we learn about Jondalar, who while on some unspecified self-discovery journey is sexing his way through the prehistorical world. All the ladies love him, which is why it is taking him so long to run into Ayla. He needs to teach a couple of cavewomen “the pleasures of the Mother’s Gift”. This is all to show us that Ayla is in for a treat when LL Cool Jondalar finally finds his way to her. There are some crutch secondary characters that need to die after serving their purpose in moving the plot along so that the main two can finally meet.

Initially Ayla and Jondalar can’t communicate properly due to Ayla only speaking Neanderthal which is more of a sign language really. She eventually picks up a few words and they have very basic troglodyte-like conversations but eventually the author tires of writing it so she makes Ayla have a dream in which she suddenly remembers her original language and from then on she and Jondalar can conversely freely which is pivotal to all the romantic complications they are about to have, like who wanted to have sex with who. Ayla acts so cluelessly it’s baffling – I’d really expected a little more from someone who invented a calendar and tamed a freaking Cave Lion, you know? But all is well that ends well and finally, Jo
nalar can show Ayla the one skill he truly mastered, and it is not tool-making, but foreplay. On the last page Ayla gives Jondalar a blowjob and they live happily ever after, or that is until Volume 3 which I started reading and read about 30 pages before I realised what I was doing and stopped myself before I caused some serious damage to my mental health.